Philippines: aid after Haiyan transit

As you can all see in the news, devastating Typhoon Haiyan swept the Philippines. This was accompanied by violent gusts, tidal waves and landslides.

This storm is called a ‘super typhoon’ with heavy rains over 33 provinces in the Philippines. Telecommunications systems have failed and it is still difficult to know the exact extent of the damage. Experts say that about 12 million people have been affected by this typhoon.

As you know, we have partners on site in the Philippines. The projects have been spared but many of our children have family members who are affected, some are not sure yet if they are still alive. Within 2 days, the first team of our coordinators and young people (from the projects) will leave for the affected areas. They will provide clothing, medication, rice and drinking water.

Would you like to help us with that?

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