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Sponsor Cross Road from the Netherlands has sent a representative to our projects in Manila for a visit to BCA. Phoebe has just returned and is thrilled with how the projects work. She is particularly affected by the efforts of the children and the progress they are making in school.

Extract from an extensive report prepared by Phoebe Lagerwei:

“Visit to the ‘Ayude’ Projects”

It was so encouraging to see how the support of Crossroads Church Netherlands through Ayude for a New Day makes a big difference in the lives of many poor children, young people and families in the projects in Manila. Many of the malnourished children who were part of the nutritional program have now grown into responsible teens and young people. Some of them have graduated from college and work as young professionals. It was inspiring to see the impact of our donations, enabling them to enjoy good education and learn life skills.

Thanks to P. Carlos Ilustre and his wife Edna, P. Steve Mirpuri, we were able to visit the projects we support. During the visit we distributed certificates to the sponsored children / young people.

I also met Philippe Van den Eynde (Ayude Belgium) who was there to make a film about the lives of the children in the slums and the impact of the Ayude for a New day aid programs.

From the different stories during my visit and my conversations with the employees, I saw how they share themselves with others, even though they often themselves live in dire circumstances. Looking at their examples, I feel challenged to explore my heart how to apply their principles in the context of our comfortable lifestyle and circumstances. It has given me the insight and understanding to look to people with more mercy, to use more wisdom in spending my resources, allowing me to be more generous with others in need.

Thanks to Ayude Belgium for organizing my visit.


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