Our vision

Ayude has as its vision to show as much as possible to underprivileged and less fortunate street children in this world that they too are important. Driven by our Christian world view we do not make a distinction in race, religion or political belief. For Ayude every child is unique and priceless in its worth.

Through our programs we prevent that children, who are usually underprivileged and neglected, often leave their families out of necessity and consequently end up along the streets of the city into criminal environments like child prostitution and drug trafficking. We believe that sustainable development education is the key to get these children out of the vicious cycle of poverty and consequently to develop their self-esteem and self-confidence. Principally we are working towards a sustainable improvement of living circumstances and conditions for themselves, their families and communities. Hereby they can, with renewed hope and zest for life, provide in their own livelihood and learn to take responsibility inside the micro society (community) around them.

Our efforts as such are aimed at improving physical, mental, emotional and psychical health of the children and development of their social and professional skills.

After 20 years we can say that our approach pays off! Today the children from the very first projects are now employed as certified accountants, psychologists, social workers etcetera. And… lots of them are now, in turn, actively involved in our projects because they wish to pass on the value and result of the aid they experienced earlier, to the street children in their own communities. Herewith the efforts of professional and well educated people (teachers, doctor(s), dentists, nurses, …) are from the outset combined with the active commitment of all the people directly involved, the children, their parents and further on all the members of the communities.

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