Place Financing

Ayude has consciously opted for the place financing formula (and therefore not for individual financial adoption or sponsorships). In this way the sponsor / donor finances and supports a place for a child in a specific project. After all, we would like every child from the projects to be treated in the same way. Moreover, if a specific child disappears from a project, for example due to the relocation of the parents or guardian, the place of this child is immediately filled by one of the many children on our waiting lists.

What does this mean?

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Target Areas

Ayude is committed as much as possible to offer street children a hopeful future. We try to improve the poverty and the appalling living conditions of the children and their families by providing care and assistance in various ways. When you click on a topic in the list above, you will learn more about how we work in each target area.

1. Helping street and orphans and families to which they belong

Ayude is committed to offering a hopeful future to as many street children as possible. We try to improve the poverty and the appalling living conditions of children and families through care and assistance in the following way:


General medical care, treatment of tuberculosis, dental care, hygiene and health education for the children and their parents.


We believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of the vicious poverty circle. That is why we place education at the center of all our partner organizations. Special attention is paid to girls who in certain societies still have no right to education. Read More

Food Distribution

Regular food distribution for malnourished children (1st, 2nd or 3rd degree)

2. Allowing micro credits to parents and young people in the projects

Providing micro-credits to “taxi companies” with railroad cars, hair salons, tailors, soap makers, garbage recycling, handicraft, cut and seam. The parents and young graduates are then actively and permanently involved in the projects.

3. Emergency Aid and Reconstruction

Ayude also occasionally provides assistance with natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. The first priority in these cases is to provide the affected areas with potable water and food. At a later stage, help is also given in the reconstruction of the houses, schools, etc. Read More

4. Supporting the often inferior position of women in certain societies

In addition to the professional care providers, it is not uncommon for the mothers who, as “first-line volunteers”, actively participate in the implementation of the programs and the guidance of the children and their families. Read More